Agilent Q TOF system with 1200 serie HPLC system

Agilent Q TOF system with 1200 serie HPLC system

Agilent 6530A Q-TOF system with 1200 serie HPLC system

The Agilent Q-TOF 6530A LC/MS is a liquid chromatograph-quadrupole time-of-flight (Q-TOF) mass spectrometer that performs MS/MS using a quadrupole, a hexapole collision cell and a time-of-flight analyzer to produce spectra. The quadrupole selects precursor ions that are fragmented in the collision cell into product ions, which are then impelled to the detector, at an angle perpendicular to the original path.

You can set up an Agilent Q-TOF LC/MS with the Agilent 1200 LC, 1260 or 1290 Infinity, or 1290 Infinity II modules, and with one of several ion
interfaces: ESI, Dual ESI, AJS ESI, Dual AJS ESI, HPLC-Chip, APCI, APPI, Multimode, nanospray, dual nanospray, MALDI and GC-APCI.

Agilent LC-QTOF 6530 systeem exits of the following model:

Accurate massa Q-TOF               Agilent G6530AA

Multimode ESI/APCI source        Agilent G1978B

1200 SL Autosampler                  Agilent G1329B

Thermostat autosampler            Agilent G1330B

1200 binaire SL pump                  Agilent G1312B

1200 Isocratische pump               Agilent G1310A

1200 vacuum degasser               Agilent G1379B

1200 Ex. Volume upgrade            Agilent G1363A

Solvent selectie kraan                   Agilent G1312B 031



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