Why recycle laboratory equipment

Labrecycle is.........

As we all know, raw materials are becoming scarcer and are running out. Therefore is buying 2nd hand or refurbished laboratory equipment a goos choice to make.

Apart from saving our resources and thus thinking of our environment, it is also much cheaper. 

Labrecycling specialises in selling used and reconditioned chromatography instruments.

Click on the photo to know more about Labrecycling and what she sells.

What is chromatography

Chromatography is a physical method of separation that distributes components to separate between two phases, one stationary (stationary phase), the other (the mobile phase) moving in a definite direction. The eluate is the mobile phase leaving the column. This is also called effluent.

Chromatography has two forms: liquid chromatography and gas chromatography.
In liquid chromatography, liquid, also called running liquid, is used as the mobile phase.
In gas chromatography, carrier gas is used as the mobile phase. With a Gas Chromatograph, chromatography is applied only with gas.

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