Labrecycling grows and thrives, on to 2024

Labrecycling grows and thrives, on to 2024

The year 2023 was an eventful and a very beautiful one. Labrecycling was able to receive customers from different parts of the world and make them very happy with your beautiful used chromatography instruments. Thus, we made customers from Bangladesh, United Emirates, Egypt, Tanzania and Kenya, among others, happy with training and refurbished chromatography systems.

Donation of fruit trees and our own organic honey

Besides all these visits, we also made the residents of Pesse and the surrounding area happy with a fruit tree of their own. In this way, we at Labrecycling want to give something back to local nature.
And our bees and the wild bee have even more places to collect pollen for delicious organic honey.  

New staff at Labrecycling 

We have also expanded the team this year to serve customers even better together. A new analyst/service engineer will start in January and an all-round cleaner has started. Who helps us keep the premises clean and clean instruments.

2024 and the years to come

We'd like to give a sneak peek at the end of the year like this..... Besides additional staff, we are expanding and we will tell you more about this in early 2024.
To continue supplying our customers with chromatography instruments, we need your help. So if you have one or more old chromatography instruments that you no longer use... please contact us. You can do this very easily by going to our website and clicking on I am selling...

It only remains for us to wish you very happy holidays in good health with family and friends.

Sales & marketing director
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