Labrecycling supports various organizations that, among other things, set up and maintain projects in Africa.

Opkikker Foundation

Being sick for a long time, requires a lot of perseverance and energy from a child. The oftenlong treatments and hospital admissions are tough, just like the uncertainty that comes with it and seeing that friends can lead a normal life.

The disease also has far-reaching consequences for the other family members. Dad, mom, brothers and sisters have to adjust their lives and have to deal with worries and uncertainties. Bright spots are of great importance in such a situation. Beautiful, fun moments are experienced very intensively in a difficult period. They contribute to the mental state of the child and the rest of the family.

Opkikker Foundation provides these bright spots. About two thousand times a year, we surprise families with a long-term sick child with an unforgettable Revitalization Day.

During this day full of relaxation and pleasure, we not only highlight the sick child, but all family members. Afterwards, the family receives image and video material to relive the day. A Boosting Day thereforetakes much longer than one day.


The Dutch Beekeepers Association (NBV) is a national association of more than 8,000 affiliated beekeepers. The purpose of the association is to promote beekeeping. This is very important to maintain the biodiversity.

Imkersvereniging "Ruinen & Omstreken"

Local associations are also sponsored by Labrecycling. Since this month we are the proud sponsor of:

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