Hoofdafbeelding Shimadzu SIL-20 AC Prominence Autosampler

Shimadzu SIL-20 AC Prominence Autosampler

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Into the varied landscape of HPLC autosamplers, the Prominence Series autosampler enters built on a solid foundation. Following the principle of Kaizen*, the SIL-20 incorporates and improves on many of the features that made its predecessors leaders in the mar- ket. Use of unique coatings and materials in critical areas, state-of-the-art electromechanical components, and innovative control through a Web browser ensure the SIL-20 will continue to set the standard that others will strive to match. Whatever you require – near-zero carryover, fast cycle times, or exceptional reproduc- ibility – the Prominence autosamplers will meet your need.

Shimadzu SIL-20 AC 

Injection MethodMetering pump, variable volume, no sample loss
Injection Volume0.1 to 100 μL (std), 1 to 2,000 μL (opt)
Sample Capacity

70 1.5 mL vials (incl. std.);

Control Rack: 10 1.5 mL vials

Optional Sample Racks for:

175 1 mL vials
50 4 mL vials
2 96 well MTP (std or deep well)

2 384 well MTP

Injection Volume Accuracy+ 1% (50μL, n=10)
Injection Volume PrecisionRSD < 0.3% (10μL)
Carryover0.005% (Chlorhexidine)
Sample Aspiration Rate0.1-15 μL/sec (0.1μL steps)
Rinsing Rate1-35 μL/sec (1μL steps)
Rinsing OptionsBefore Aspiration, After Aspiration, Before and After Aspiration, or None (Optional rinse pump for multiple solvent wash available)
Temperature Control4ºC-40ºC w/ built-in dehumidifier
pH Range1 to 14
Operating Temperature4ºC to 35ºC (non-condensing atmosphere)
Dimensions & Weight260W x 415H x 500D, 30kg
Power RequirementsAC110-120V, 300VA, 50/60Hz


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