Hoofdafbeelding Thermo Scientific LTQ Orbitrap LTQ XL LITM Spectrometer

Thermo Scientific LTQ Orbitrap LTQ XL LITM Spectrometer

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LTQ XL™ Linear Ion Trap Mass Spectrometer

The LTQ XL ion trap MS extends the legendary MS n performance of the LTQ ion trap, incorporating more techniques to generate structural information through innovations in Thermo Scientific ion trap technology.

  • Unparalleled sensitivity and unmatched MSn spectral quality
  • Pulsed Q dissociation (PQD) for generating more fragments and extending the low mass range
  • High-resolution isolation (HRI) enables isolation of isobaric mass peaks for cleaner MSn spectra
  • Ultra-fast polarity switching for high sensitivity analysis of unknowns
  • Automated data-dependent neutral loss for PTM and biotransformation analyses
  • Excellent charge state determinations with Ultra ZoomScan™

The LTQ XL supplies outstanding sensitivity and abundant structural information for:

  • Protein identification and quantitative differential expression analysis
  • Biomarker studies and PTM identification
  • Metabolite identification and quantification
  • Tissue imaging
  • High-speed LC methods
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