Hoofdafbeelding Agilent 1100 Nanoflow LC System for Mass Spectrometry G2229A

Agilent 1100 Nanoflow LC System for Mass Spectrometry G2229A

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1100 Nanoflow LC System for MS G2229A

  • G1379A Degasser
  • G2226A NanoPump
  • G1377A Microwell Plate Sampler
  • G1323B Gameboy controller

Agilent 1100 Series Nanoflow LC System for MS (G2229A)

This LC system is used for mass spectrometry (MS)-based proteomics applications. It provides extremely stable, ultralow flow control which provides a constant level of high sensitivity and reproducibility for protein analysis

  • Integrated and rugged HPLC solution 
  • High sensitivity in combination with MS detection
  • Reliable and reproducible results due to EFC (Electronic Flow Control) with realtime adjustment of the flow. The nanoflow pump also uses 2nd generation flow sensors.
  • Handling of nano to microliter injection volumes
  • Flexibility to inject from various sample containers such as vials and wellplates
  • Micro vacuum degassing with very low internal volume per channel (1ml) for fast changeover of mobile phase and quick purge
  • Control from handheld controller for convenient local status monitoring
  • Add-on to multidimensional LC capabilities 

1100 Series nanoflow pump G2226A and 1100 Series G1379A.                               

The pump uses a unique solvent delivery technology optimized for nanoliter-per-minute flows and features EFC (Electronic Flow Control) with active feedback. This provides extremely stable and accurate flow, resulting in stable ion generation, which in turn provides higher MS sensitivity. The EFC consists of electromagnetic proportioning valve (EMPV) and nanoflow sensor. It provides real-time adjustment of the column flow rate. 

Specifications for G2226A 

  • Settable flow range 0.01-4 μL/min, 1-2500 μL/min (with EFC bypassed) 
  • Recommended flow range 0.1-1 μL/min, 200-2500 μL/min (with EFC bypassed) 
  • Flow precision < 0.7 % RSD (typically < 0.4 % RSD) at 600 nL/min (BSA digest) 
  • Delay volume Typically 300 nL from EFC to pump outlet for flow rates up to 
    4 μL/min

Specifications for micro vacuum degasser G1379A

  • Maximum flow rate 10 mL/min per channel 
  • Number of channels 4 
  • Internal volume Typically 1 ml per channel 
  • Material in contact with solvents PTFE, FEP, PEEK 

1100 Series micro well-plate autosampler G1377A

The autosampler is designed for the injection of small amount of complex and valuable samples. 

Features are:

  • Increased sample injection speed for high sample throughput
  • Minimal delay volumes for rapid gradients and fast equilibration when bypassing the autosampler after sample injection 
  • Flexible and convenient sample handling with different types of sample containers. Using 384-well plates allows to process up to 768 samples unattended. 

Specifications for G1377A

  • Sample capacity 2 well plates (96 and 384) plus 10 additional 2-ml vials 108 × 2-ml vials in two 54- vial plates 
  • Settable injection volume: 0.01–8 μl with small loop capillary; 0.01–40 μl with extended loop capillary 
  • Precision: Typically:< 0.5 % RSD from 5–40 μl,< 1 % RSD from 1–5 μl, < 3 % RSD from 0.2–1 μl
  • Carryover: Typically < 0.05 % using the following conditions: 
    o Column: 150 x 0.5 mm, Hypersil ODS, 3 μm. 

o Mobile phase: water/ acetonitrile = 85/15. 

o Column flow rate: 13 μL/min 

o Injection volume: 1μL caffeine (= 25ng caffeine)1 μL water to test carryover. 

o Outside wash of needle: 20 sec with water using flush port 

source: http://www.ietltd.com/pdf_data...




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