Shimadzu HPLC

Labrecycling buys and sells Shimadzu HPLC. We buy and sell modules and complete Shimadzu HPLC systems. Do you have a Shimadzu HPLC system or module for sale? Please contact us.

No Shimadzu HPLC, but another chromatography instrument... Please also contact us. 

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Yes, I will sell my used Shimadzu HPLC to Labrecycling 

I send the following information about my Shimadzu HPLC system to Labrecycling 

  • Which make and model of the Shimadzu HPLC system
  • Detailed photos of the Shimadzu HPLC used
  • Year that I bought the Shimadzu HPLC
  • Did I deliver the PC and software along with the Shimadzu HPLC 


Shimadzu HPLC system
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